Too Good to be True? Cadbury’s New Caramilk Twirl Chocolate Bar Leaked Online

Caramilk, the Cadbury product that has had Australian shoppers in fits of rage and elation, depending what time of year it is, looks to return to shelves, but not in the format we all know it.

Leaked on Facebook group “Caramilk Addicts Club”, a user posted a photo of a Twirl X Caramilk fusion product. Cadbury, who has announced that Caramilk will be returning as a permanent fixture to its lineup of products next year, had previously hinted at “an entirely new format” for the adored sweet treat, and while they are yet to confirm that this mash-up of milk chocolate, air and caramelised white chocolate is indeed what they had teased, it certainly would make a lot of sense.

Posted by Em Beckett on Thursday, October 31, 2019

Caramilk was one a readily-available product in Australia and New Zealand, until it was inexplicably discontinued in 1994. Loyal fans have since been treated to intermittent releases of Caramilk, but sadly have often been left wanting as thrifty shoppers have stocked up and hoarded each limited release with the knowledge that its presence on shelves is fleeting.

Though fans may have to wait a few more months before Caramilk makes a permanent return to stores (current stocks are set to dwindle in the next couple of weeks, according to Cadbury), those with a penchant for the product will potentially have to tide themselves over with the new take on the classic Twirl, which, if we’re honest, sounds bloody delicious.

Bon appetit.