Turns Out That KFC Free Chicken for a Year Scam was a Scam

You may have heard the story of the South African 27-year-old man who claimed that he received free chicken from KFC for a year by telling employees that he was from the home office. Reportedly, the man would go to local restaurants of the fast food chain and claim to be there performing quality checks to make sure the food was up to standards.

Evidently he even had an ID card that was from the “head office” and would often arrive in a limousine. An employee of one of the restaurants was reported as saying, “When he arrived we would all try to act our best so that we didn’t piss off the man from head office. He was so convincing because he was so confident, and even colleagues from other branches of KFC know him.”

The man was eventually caught and arrested—so the story goes.

KFC’s official Twitter account in South Africa refutes the story, saying, “We’d give him all of the props if it were true but unfortunately it isn’t, cause this is fake news.” They also stated, “It would be legendary if only it were true. Fake is as far as it gets with this story.” A story about a scam turning out to be a scam? Isn’t that the definition of irony?

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