Four Pillars Shiraz Gin is a Bloody Beauty

In 2012, three young blokes in the Yarra Valley started making a new Australian style of dry gin and, if their approach to distilling wasn’t modern enough for you, they literally crowd-funded their first batch and successfully delivered to an eager crowd of today’s gin lovers. Over the last three years they have continued to pioneer different styles of crafting and ageing gin and their latest release of their already lauded Bloody Shiraz Gin is no different. Made similarly to sloe gin, the boys at Four Pillars are pretty unapologetic in their dislike for the original style of sloe, in that it’s oxidative and with an ABV of around 30, is more of a liqueur than a gin.

four pillars shiraz gin seed distillation

What make this purple potable so clever is that it gets all the natural sweetness and flavour from two tonnes of Yarra Valley shiraz grapes, which have been rested in high-proof gin for eight weeks before being pressed, bottled and released on the 11th of June (world gin day, folks.) Easily mixed or delicious on the rocks, it really is in a class of its own – last year’s vintage sold in under six weeks so for $85 it’s not a bad idea to get in early and secure yourself a drop or two of this Australian original before it’s all gone.

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