Fred Krugger FD Custom Racer is Streamlined Beauty

Fred Krugger is arguably the best custom motorcycle designer to come out of Belgium, and he has the portfolio to back up that claim. But if you need more evidence of Krugger’s genius, consider his latest project, the FD Custom Racer. Borrowing design principles from Art Deco, Krugger has created a race car that belongs on a museum floor. But that’s not to say it wouldn’t be just at home on the track. The custom car boasts an impressive 750 horsepower.

Fred Krugger FD Custom Racer front

The car’s design brings to mind the early days of motorcar racing. The wheels are outside the body, though for this custom they have their own covers. The open cockpit makes the car look like it’s yearning for a helmeted driver to be sitting in it. Chrome details abound on this car, including a chrome steering wheel. The wooden seat and interior deck further reinforce the idea of early 20th century aesthetic. A unique, mono-headlight in the front adds the final Art Deco touch.

Fred Krugger FD Custom Racer chair

For a powertrain, Krugger went with a Bentley Continental Gt six-liter engine with 12 cylinders. That much power makes the 20th century windscreen a must, and will have this Royal Blue colored beauty flying down the track. Krugger swears that the majority of the build was done by hand, and it definitely fits the commission of creating a unique, streamlined racer. Critics point out some of the interesting choices and label them as either flaws or problems, but what they forget to look at is the artistic qualities of those choices. Each choice Krugger made makes the whole better by adding additional details that, when brought together, paint a more beautiful product. After finishing the car for his client (The “FD” stands for the clients’ initials—Francois Fornieri and Andre Dupont), Krugger put the retro-futuristic accomplishment on display at the 2019 Zoute Concours d’Elegance. It is also bound for the Brussels Motor Show if you want to take in its beauty in person.

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Fred Krugger FD Custom Racer wheel

Fred Krugger FD Custom Racing vehicle

Fred Krugger FD Custom Racer

Fred Krugger FD Custom Racer