Free Up Some Pocket Space with the CardBuddy Stick-On Card Holder

When your smartphone can handle all of the day’s transactions, there’s no longer need to lug around that bulky wallet. For those few memberships that still require a card, the CardBuddy stick-on card holder will suffice and satisfy. Made from genuine leather, the CardBuddy is backed with a super strong 3M adhesive that sticks to the back of your smartphone. Use it to store up to three cards or as a money clip replacement.

cardbuddy stick on card holder will suffice and satisfy

The CardBuddy is reliable with an easy application which makes it the perfect addition to your iPhone or Android phone, plus it’s compatible with certain phone cases such as OtterBox and LifeProof. Available in black, white, brown or red, the CardBuddy is available for $20 US and will save you a tonne of pocket space.

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cardbuddy stick on card holder is available

cardbuddy stick on card holder addition to your phone

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