Fujifilm X-E3 Rangefinder-Style Ultra-Compact Mirrorless Camera

As much as we’d all like to be able to nail the perfect snap whenever, wherever, it is a hassle to haul around a bulky DSLR camera everywhere you go. If you want something more compact that will take professional-quality photos, take a look at mirrorless cameras – they’re more compact, lighter and take better video than most DSLRs. A few years ago, a DSLR was the only option if you wanted to take professional quality photographs, however, that has been changing over recent years. These lightweight cameras are now serious contenders to DSLRs.

One of the newest mirrorless cameras on the market is Fujifilm’s X-E3. This ultra-compact rangefinder mirrorless camera is the latest model in the X Series line, offering outstanding handling and exceptional image quality.

white fujifilm x-e3 camera back side view

The X-E3 has a 24-megapixel APS-C X-Trans III sensor and a high-speed image processing engine. You can connect the X-E3 with your smartphone or tablet and download photos thanks to the wi-fi coupled with low-energy Bluetooth 2.

The LCD monitor is located on the back of the camera, using a static touchscreen panel and offering Focus Area Selection, Touch AF and Touch Shot capabilities. The Touch functions enable gesture control, which allows for a flick and pinch zoom.

Fujifilm updated the AF algorithm allowing for enhanced tracking performance. This enhancement lets you shoot moving subjects without blur – you can shoot video at 4K, similar to other X models. The X-E3 offers 30fps with 10-minute continuous recording time.

There are dials for exposure compensation and shutter speed, and it also features a unique focus control joystick that handles aperture and shutter speed. A top dial, located near your thumb, allows you to set the exposure compensation. Other features include USB charging, an HDMI port and a microphone input.

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