Get Back to Your Roots with Primal Jerky

The New Primal has produced what they have described as food that has real, pronounceable ingredients to inspire and empower the masses to change their relationship with food. The business produce both beef and turkey jerky, at a sustainable and healthy standard that would make most other producers weep with envy. The grass-fed beef comes primarilly from the vast and typical grassy hills of New Zealand where the cattle are humanely raised on family farm pastures. The areas all the cattle to roam freely and the climate means that the diet of the cattle does not need to be altered during the colder months. The turkey live on a multi-generational family owned and operated farm in central California, where they are raised humanely and free from GMO’s in their feed. Opposed to the meat you find in the supermarket, the turkeys’ clean diets provide the optimum amount of nutrients for the turkey to grow into a healthier, more flavorful animal, thus making for a far more enjoyable jerky, produced by the New Primal. Jerky has never tasted so good.

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