Get Naked and Get Results – the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker

Forget those tiny, buggy step trackers that somehow measured a thousand steps while you were sleeping, the folks have Naked have unveiled a game-changer that is about as comprehensive as personal fitness tracking can get. Introducing the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker, a product so groundbreaking that the “naked” part is the least exciting thing about it.

get 3D image the naked 3d fitness tracker

Here’s how the 3D Fitness Tracker works. You get naked (or wear undergarments if you must) and step on a small circular platform in front of a giant tracking device that doubles as a mirror. The device scans you and then creates a virtual 3D image of your entire body. You step off the platform, check the app on your phone, and explore a complete breakdown of your metrics. We’re talking volumetric body fat percentage, measurements, weight and even a heat map to show you where you’re gaining and losing muscle fat.

get virtual 3D image the naked 3d fitness tracker

The 3D utilizes all the latest technology to maintain accuracy and compatibility. This is next level fitness tracking and the kind of thing that can ultimately reduce doctor visits or extend life spans. By monitoring your body’s progress on such an in-depth level, we imagine the mere existence of the Naked 3D in your home will provoke you to get in shape and stay there. And let’s not forget it’s a freaking device that scans your body and creates a 3D visual map of it in the comfort of your bedroom! The future is here, people!!!

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