Gillette’s Fusion ProShield Razor Shields You Against Skin Irritation

Lube up! It’s good advice for a plethora of situations, none more pressing to the daily routine than shaving. We don’t need to tell you that shaving over the same spot without lubrication can result in skin irritation, redness and bumps. It’s also the easiest way to cause cuts and nicks. Most guys take about 170 strokes every time they shave, and 120 of them are re-strokes over the same area of the face. What’s easy to overlook is that after the initial strokes, most of the shave gel has wiped away and you wind up re-stroking without lube. Ouch.

new fusion proshield razor

The new Fusion ProShield razor from Gillette is engineered to ‘proactively’ shield against irritation with lubrication applied before the blades in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, while still delivering the closest of shaves. The blade reapplies shave gel to your face ready for the next stroke. The ProShield also happens to be Gillette’s thinnest and finest blades, optimised with a MircoComb to guide stubble towards the blades and a precision trimmer for precise edging.

Gillette’s Fusion ProShield razors will be available in yellow or blue Chill with added cooling technology. You can pick one up from February. Lube up! It’s good advice.

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gillette proshield razor

yellow gillette proshield razor

gillette thinnest and finest blades

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