Glen Grant Ten Year Old Single Malt

glen grant ten year old single malt beer
If I were a single malt, I’d be a Glen Grant Ten Year Old – smooth, supple and sophisticated. As an icon of Speyside region whiskey making since 1840, Glen Grant have carried on their innovative distilling techniques over the generations to create an unmistakable flavor, colour and finish.

The Glen Grant Ten Year Old Single Malt features an intense, fruity palate and a somewhat, gentle, medium-dry bouquet, with a good balance of ripe orchard fruits with a long soft, nutty finish. It was also awarded winner of the 10 years and (Multiple Casks) in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2013 (our favourite scripture).  With review lines like – “melts in your mouth”, “magnificent” and “contender for scotch of the year”, you know it must be a good drop.

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