Go BEYOND THE BEERS – Conversations & Cool Shit For Men

Mike Campbell is a man coach who brings with him a message of personal enrichment through confidence and compassion. Now’s the moment where all you men out there say, “hey, I’ve got confidence and compassion.” Maybe, maybe not, but let’s just assume for a minute that Mike knows what he’s talking about and at the very least you have some room for improvement. He believes that through an ongoing discourse among men we will achieve new tiers of empathy, which pave the way for new tiers of self-awareness.

beyond ht beers 2

On August 20 Mike is hosting an event called BEYOND THE BEERS: Conversations & Cool Shit For Men. The event will feature guest speakers and a general discussion about cool shit. And while yes, there will be alcohol (including craft beer and whisky) as well as lectures on alcohol, what BEYOND THE BEERS really asks is that we as men move past our tendency to connect exclusively under the influence of the nearest intoxicant. Basically, Mike wants men to create and sustain a dialogue outside the pub in order to build substantial relationships with one another that will vicariously boost our own levels of self-confidence.

It sounds crazy at first–asking that men actually communicate with one another on a less superficial level. But Mike thinks that through the power of a real interaction comes the power of self-worth. He has this wild notion that men can actually learn from one another and apply what they’ve learned to the workplace and home life. Of course, if all of this sounds a little too “bromantic” for you just remember that alcohol will be served–we guess Mike’s not so crazy after all. Again, the event is August 20; in the meantime check out Mike on Youtube.

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