Go Fishin’ for Good on a Raptor Fishing Platform XL

For all the fishermen out there, we know that one of the worst things when fishing is having to go back to shore. If only there was a way to combine your fishing boat and campground into one. Say hello to the Raptor Fishing Platform XL. This is a five piece 150m square foot fishing platform that consists of four air decks and one 50cm surrounding tube.

raptor fishing platform xl use pvc fabric

It is constructed from a tough five layer 1100 Decitex PVC fabric, which means that can hold up to approximately 1.6 tonnes. Along with the material being very durable, there are eight different air chambers that acts as an additional security measure against sinking. And each of these vessels come with a repair kit for those unplanned unfortunate situations. It also features 15 d-rings, where you can attach your own tent, just for those moments when you want to sleep on the platform overnight. The water flows through the air decks back to the lake or river.

raptor fishing platform xl air pumps

When inflating it is highly recommended to use at least one or two high pressure air pumps. This innovative fishing platform will set you back around $3,500. It’s quite pricey, but something highly useful for those who regularly go fishing.

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