The Goblin Deuce Double-Barrel Paintball Pistol – Enough Said

Paintball is all the fun of modern day warfare minus the crippling injuries and fatalities so what’s there not to love? Always keeping the sport on its toes is Goblin, a company that takes a purely innovative approach to (relatively) harmless combat weaponry through a line of unique paintbull pistols and Airsoft launchers. Goblin is proud to introduce their latest kick-ass invention that sounds like something you’d want to own even if you didn’t know what it was: the Deuce Double Barrel Paintball Pistol.

Goblin might label the Deuce a “pistol” but it’s really more like the world’s first miniature double-barrel paintball shotgun. It has similar features to the Solo but with two barrels instead of one (the company also offers a second barrel that can be attached to the Solo), and it’s capable of launching paintballs, first-strike rounds and 6mm Airsoft BBs. The Deuce also utilizes Double Firing-Pin Action and a Selector Switch so you can fire each barrel individually or both at once. The interchangeable barrels are capable of firing single Paintballs or 12 6MM bbs.

Included in the Deuce Player Set are also two fully assembled Deuce markers, two air catridges, a barrel sizer kit with 4 barrels, an adapter, a holster and 2 O-Ring Kits. Sounds pretty damn fun to us. So pick your jaw up off the floor, buy a Deuce, lock, load and start literally blasting your friends away!

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