Going the Distance – Todd Snyder Grounder

It’s not uncommon for those in the fashion world to wear their influences firmly on their fitted-cuff sleeves. It’s certainly true in the case of Todd Snyder, the New York-based designer and footwear pioneers PF Flyers, who have doffed their caps to tradition with the Todd Snyder Grounder, a collaborative canvas sneaker that wears its history firmly on its distinctive sole.

Originally a military-issue boot for US troops in the 1940s, the Grounder has undergone a transformation over the years, first as a high performance baseball shoe and now as a sturdy all-weather sneaker in the mould of a Converse Hi-top. It retains a distinctive military aesthetic, coupling durability with modern comfort and design sensibilities.

the distance todd snyder grounder

The Grounder is available in black and a khaki-green and made of military canvas, with pig skin lining, gusset tongue and signature Snyder heel loop.

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