Google’s New Pixelbook Delivers Hot 2-1 Action

Rest in peace, Chromebook. Long live Pixelbook! Google introduced the new 2-1 laptop in San Francisco and it’s a formidable stunner to say the least. Running on an Intel i7 processor, the Google Pixelbook hosts a 12.3 touch screen that can rotate a full 360 degrees to double as a tablet. And while comparisons to say the Lenovo Yoga are inevitable, you certainly won’t hear us complaining.

google's new pixelbook 360 degree rotate

Put simply, the Pixelbook is computer craftsmanship at its finest and most practical. A boxy design lends the device a functional air while the hybrid capability reinforces its versatile essence. Among the laptop’s bevy of specs is a 10 hour battery life, a 720p camera that shoots at 60 fps, a backlit keyboard and an edge to edge trackpad. From the LCD display, Pixelbook delivers superb resolution by way of 235ppi density.

In terms of physicality, Google is claiming the Pixelbook’s aluminium unibody is the thinnest and lightest on the planet–it weighs a mere 1kg and measures in at a slim 10mm. Is their claim true? Well, you can always ask Google Assistant, which is now built in to the device, a wise move given the company’s reputation as the masters of online assistance.

google's new pixelbook aluminium body laptop

In addition to a full range of Android apps, you also get Chrome OS and all the browsing and security that goes along with it. And separately available for purchase is the Pixelbook Pen. Made in collaboration with Wacom, the stylus offers 60 degree angular awareness, 10ms of latency and 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity. Not only can you use it to write and draw, but you can circle objects or words and receive instant background information.

The Google Pixelbook is now available for pre-order and will officially land October 31st. It starts at $999 USD and goes up to $1649 USD for twice the RAM. The Pixelbook Pen costs $99 USD.

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google's new pixelbook laptop charging port google's new pixelbook tablet watch video google's new pixelbook laptop rearview

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