The Greatest Tequila You’ve Never Heard Of

Premium tequila label Altos, the top-shelf arm of the Jalisco behemoth Olmeca, has been enjoyed in Australia for over four years already, but you’re probably not entirely aware of that. Chances are if you like to drink a shot, boat-race a lagerita (Google it) or take the occasional trip to Margaritaville, you’ve already sampled the delicious distilled agave nectar that is Altos tequila. You can be forgiven for not knowing this, however.

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Altos flies under the radar down under as it’s only available on-premise; that is, in venues, and not bottle-os. Known as the tequila made by bartenders for bartenders (award-winning mixologists Henry Besant and Dre Masso were brought on board to work alongside master distiller Jésus Hernandez to create this expression), it’s only fitting that you have to order it from a bartender. The result of this farm-to-glass philosophy and collaboration involving bartenders saw Altos Plata (that’s the clear one) take out a Master medal for the first time ever, and the Reposado (gold, for those of you playing at home) a Gold medal at last year’s Global Tequila Masters Competition.

The quiet achiever of the ‘Mexican Mouthwash’ market, you won’t see billboards professing its excellence, TV campaigns encouraging you to *insert generic phrase about life* or branded slushy machines in giant leagues clubs for Altos. But your favourite bar will know all about it, and gladly share. All those marketing dollars of the big names end up getting poured into your glass and, subsequently, out of your wallet. Altos? You get what you’re paying for. An award winning tequila at a reasonable price.

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Taking place last Sunday at Earl’s Juke Joint in Newtown, Pernod Ricard celebrated the exclusive brand by throwing a party to give back to the industry, handing the reins to the team behind the bar to do whatever they felt like with a few cheeky bottles and an endless supply of tacos. This is part of their ‘Tequileros Series’ of parties which are hosted by bartenders, for bartenders, in keeping with Altos’ winning philosophy.

Sure, it’s exclusive and you’re not invited, and FOMO is becoming one of society’s biggest killers, but that’s the kind of hype we like to create here at Man of Many.

To enjoy this seriously tasty tequila, just ask for it.

Check it out

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