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3 Grooming Products Every Dad Needs

Mothers aren’t the only ones who deserve a pampering following the miracle of childbirth. There are plenty of fathers, dads and papas looking for quality grooming products to keep them looking their best on the daily. If you’re a father who wants to detract attention away from the dad-bod, then it pays to invest some time and effort into your money-maker.

A solid hairstyle, a quality skincare regime and a gentle moisturising routine are all it takes to keep you looking sharp, even on a few hours of sleep. Aussie icon Hairhouse has been offering guys and gals a one-stop-shop for all their hair and beauty needs since 1992. Nearly 30 years later, the brand is still going strong and to celebrate Father’s Day, they’ve sorted us out with a simple protocol to keep you looking neat and tidy. Here are three essential grooming products every dad needs.

1. A Good Wax or Pomade

To avoid looking like a character from the Flinstones, your first point of call is a good wax or pomade for styling and maintaining your hair. As you get older, your hair tends to thin, which when left un-styled can make you seem older. Adding a quality wax or pomade to your everyday styling routine will maintain a well-kept and clean aesthetic. Depending on your chosen hairstyle, you might need a specific product to suit the texture of your hair. Styling wax, hair gel, pomade, defining paste or hair putty are all quality options, but if you’re unsure, it pays to seek some advice from your local Hairhouse staff member.

Trust us, no matter your age, where you live or what you do; healthy, shiny hair is always in style.

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2. Powerful Hair Clippers

If you’re keen on a few touch-ups of your own, a solid set of hair clippers is a must-cop. Take it from this writer, a brown man with more hair than a barbershop floor, you don’t want to get this purchase wrong. Whether you’re rocking a neck-beard to rival ZZ-Top or just a robust collection of hair on your upper lip, you need a good pair of clippers.

Our recommendation is to go for cordless options with features such as ergonomic design and variable cutting lengths for cleaner trimming. These versions are perfect for pesky nose hairs and tight angles around your moustache. But if you feel like taking the next step, corded models will provide a supercharged experience.

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3. Daily Shampoo & Conditioner

The final stop on this grooming journey is shampoo and conditioner. While Billy Madison is yet to reach a conclusion on which product goes on the hair first, what we do know is quality matters.

There’s a bunch on the market, and while you could go for the old 2-in-1 from the local supermarket, it simply won’t cut it. We recommend opting for shampoos and conditioners made with natural ingredients like the barber inspired Redken Brews Daily Shampoo infused with malt extract.

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Whether you need a hair-makeover following your first, second or even fourth kid, there are plenty of choices when it comes to grooming products for the everyday dad. Knowing where to start is the key consideration, but don’t be deterred. This Father’s Day it’s worth treating yourself. After all, you look after the kids, who looks after you?

Elliot Nash

Elliot Nash

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