Act Before its too Late with For Hims Edible Hair Loss Solution

“For Hims Edible Hair Loss Solution is a combination kit of products meant to address hair loss in men. The idea behind the product is the prevention of DHT. When testosterone breaks down, it turns into DHT which is a hormone that damages hair follicles. Once damaged, those follicles stop producing hair. Finasteride is an FDA approved daily tablet that blocks the production of DHT. Be aware that finasteride can take up to three months to show any improvement, but you should see improvements within 12 months. You should also be aware that it only works while you’re taking it. If you stop taking finasteride, hair loss will return.

Stopping loss is only half the battle when it comes to receding hairlines. You’ve also got to healthy, thick hair growing again. That’s where the For Hims gummy comes in. The gummies are filled with Biotin, also known as vitamin B7. Biotin is known for strengthening hair and nails as well as promoting healthy skin.

hims edible hair loss solution vitamins

Getting started with For Hims is simple. Fill out a few questions and submit your answers. A doctor will review your application and provide a treatment solution meant just for you. Each month, you’ll receive the solution. No need for a visit to a doctor’s office or for trips to the pharmacy. Your first month is available for only $5; each month after will be $28.

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