Bulldog Skincare has Set its Paws Down on Australian Shores

As the name might suggest, Bulldog Skincare is a British company that’s here to look after your skin–and there’s a reason we’re applauding their recent foray into the Australian market.

Started in 2007 by Simon Duffy, a clever chap who noticed while shopping that there weren’t any simple and accessible skincare products aimed at men, Bulldog is one of our favourite products here at Man of Many, for a few simple reasons.

For one, they are 100% vegan and feature natural ingredients  (that’s not to say we don’t love a steak, but when it comes to your skin, moisturising cream should be a figure of speech). They’re also the first men’s skincare brand to use at least 50% sugarcane plastic in their packaging.

Most of all though, is the ingredients themselves: aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea, a gentle mix of everything a man’s skin needs to look (and feel) fresh, with a pleasant, masculine aroma that won’t overpower your Blue Stratos, stud.

Now available from Priceline and Woolworths, Bulldog Skincare is an affordable solution to the somewhat confusing skincare offerings, especially for blokes. Get your paws on some today (the face scrub, face wash and moisturiser work together a treat), and enjoy not having to borrow your girlfriends (or your mum’s) Oil of Olay ever again.

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