Express Yourself with Gillette Razor Maker

Gillette Razor Maker is an opportunity to create a razor that is not only unique to you, but is truly your own. The process starts with a design—a design that you come up with. You’ll be limited to designing only the handle; the blade portion is determined by Gillette (no 20-blade razors!). In designing yours, you have the option of starting with a theme or picking from provided designs. If you choose to go completely custom, you’ll be presented with three different theme categories: Nature, Structures, and Pixels.

Once you’ve selected the style of handle you like from the different categories, you then choose the type of shaving tech (5 blades with a swivel head or 3 blades on a fixed head). You also get to select your grip option and colour. The final detail is the text you want printed on your handle. Once you’ve made your selections, your design goes into production using 3D printers from formlabs using stereolithography printing technology. You can also subscribe to a blade delivery service. Once everything is ready, your razor will ship from their Boston headquarters.

Your morning routine can be even more personal now that you can create your own razor with the Gillette Razor Maker.

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