Get a Space-Age Shave with Gillette’s Razor Maker Apollo

If you didn’t know it, 50 years ago when astronauts boarded the Apollo 11 rockets, they set off on their space journey with Techmatic razors from Gillette. Command Module Pilot Mike Collins used the safety razor along with Old Spice brushless shaving cream, which came in a tube similar to toothpaste. Now the shaving company is commemorating that historic space flight and moon landing with a special edition razor—the Razor Maker Apollo. “When man first walked on the moon, he did it with a clean shave,” says Gillette on their Facebook page. “Astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission used Gillette razors aboard their spaceflight. Fifty years later, the Apollo Collection pays homage to the marvels of man and technology.”

The special edition razor fits Gillette ProGlide 5 cartridges and comes with a 3D printed handle that is made to look like the surface of the moon, complete with craters. The lunar-like surface makes gripping the handle easy and secure. At the base of the handle you’ll find a boot imprint commemorating the “one small step for mankind.” The razor sells for $65 and comes in a special commemorative case. Opposite the boot print is NASA’s Apollo- and current-era agency insignia, which is known as the “meatball.”

Razor Maker is a new concept from Gillette that provides limited quantity handles that are 3D printed to celebrate certain occasions, such as the anniversary of the Apollo missions. The handles are all printed at Gillette’s Boston headquarters on a stereolithography (SLA) printer from Formlabs, another Boston-based company.

As a side note, both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin needed to shave when they became the first people to walk on the moon. Photographs clearly show their beard growth, and Aldrin is famously quoted as saying “Sure wish I had shaved last night,” right before putting on his helmet.

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