Harry’s Body Care is out for Bathroom Domination

Harry’s has built a name for itself on razors and providing the best shave out there. They branched into facial care-which makes sense as you’ll want to take care of your skin after a clean shave. But now they’re looking to take over your whole bathroom with their new Body Care line.

harry body shave cream gel

Harry’s Body wash has a rich lather that cleanses deeply even as it smooths and conditions your skin. The formulation works to clean without drying, like so many other wash products. The body wash has three signature scents that are meant to kick-start your day. The first is Shiso, a refreshing blend of bright herbs. Fig contains a mix of fruits and spices to energize. And the final, Stone, includes invigorating minerals tempered with citrus.

harry body care razor blade

If you’re more traditional when it comes to your soap and prefer a bar, then Harry’s has something for you already. The bare boasts the same lathering, smoothing, and conditioning capabilities as the body wash. You can also choose from the same three scents.

razor harry body care

Those that are already fans of Harry’s will know that this line will more than surpass any expectations you might have. For those that haven’t yet experienced what Harry’s has to offer, the new Body Care line is an excellent place to start.

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