Harry’s Launches into Hair Products

Harry’s has been around since 2013 and during that time their bread and butter has been high-quality but affordable razors and shaving essentials. But shaving isn’t the only aspect of men’s hygiene, and Harry’s has been adding to its lineup. Those expansions have included everything from skin care to shower products, and now Harry’s is entering the hair products world.

harry's sculpting gel

The Harry’s collection of hair products, appropriately names “Hair,” includes Taming Cream, Texturizing Putty, and Sculpting Gel. As you might imagine given the names, those products are listed in order of softest to hardest hold. But before you worry about styling, you need to get your hair clean, and Harry’s has a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner to take on that task.

body wash and shampoo & conditioner

While Harry’s made a business for itself offering razors at rock bottom prices, their approach to the Hair line is a little different. The prices are still reasonable, but they’re not necessarily beating out the competition when it comes to price tags. The shampoo and conditioner, for example, is priced at USD$7, which is right in line with Procter and Gamble’s Head and Shoulders.

Still, falling into a range of $7 to $12 isn’t bad for a hair care line, and Harry’s has worked hard to build a solid following of loyal customers. The Hair line will be available through Walmart or Target, or you can order them now through Harrys.com.

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harry's shampoo & conditioner