Joebloe Rescues Desperate Men From their Mournful Lives of Baldness

They’re promoted by Shane Warne and used poorly by George Costanza, so it’s no wonder men avoid hair loss treatments like they’re the plague.

It’s not all bad. Australian brand Joebloe is shaking up the industry with its highly effective and affordable products that keep hair healthy and promote further growth, all while concealed inside plain and subtle packaging that resembles common bathroom products.

No one will know you’re using Joebloe until your hair grows back and by then you’ll have the confidence to not give a shit what anyone thinks. Outside of compliments of course.

There are no lab coats here, and no paid testimonials by test-cricketers, just a simple 3-month course of oral and topical solutions that are guaranteed to regrow your hair.

healthy hair using joe bloe hair loss treatment

A 3-month course begins with the Little Pals, powerful vitamin-like pills that deliver the right nutrients all the way to the follicles of your hair and block the male hormone DHT which if your balding, you have too much. Take this daily after breakfast.

Gone Toppo is a product you spray on your noggin in the morning after a shower and just before bed. It enhances blood flow to the scalp – which is the key to healthy, high production follicles. Gone Toppo also directly nourishes the scalp with nutrients and evicts dead follicles allowing you to look your best at all times. Two simple products are all that’s required.

You can currently score a 3-month subscription for $300 which is ridiculously cheap when you compare it to clinical hair loss treatments, plus you don’t even need to leave the house for this one. JoeBloe delivers straight to your door. There are no lock-in contracts, and JoeBloe offers complete refunds if you’re unhappy with its products. So get on it!

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