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Nutrafol mens hair growth nutraceutical feature

This Hair Growth Supplement is Natural and 100% Drug-Free

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Got thinning hair? You’re far from alone. What you might not realise, however, is that there’s often more to this condition than mere genetics. Other contributing factors can include everything from stress to hormones to aging to diet to metabolism. Staying ahead of the issue will go a long way, but first, you need to ask yourself: which hair growth supplement takes all these potential root causes into consideration without inhibiting your overall lifestyle? Nutrafol Men’s Hair Growth Nutraceutical is your answer.

Physician-formulated and clinically effective, Nutrafol’s hair growth supplement multi-targets root causes of hair thinning without compromising sexual health. It’s entirely free of drugs, artificial additives, and preservatives, relying instead on medical-grade, natural ingredients in standardised concentrations for reliable results with every dose. It’s also the #1 hair growth supplement brand recommended by dermatologists. Why? Because it keeps you ahead of the hair thinning DHT hormone, which becomes much harder to combat the longer you wait.

Nutrafol mens hair growth nutraceutical


By taking the natural approach, Nutrafol offers even more than first meets the eye (or scalp). In fact, these carefully-selected ingredients will often cultivate “side benefits” in the form of better sleep, increased energy, and improved overall mood. Of course, discernible hair growth is the desired outcome at hand. On that front, this patented formula consistently delivers, which is exactly why it’s trusted by over 4,000 healthcare providers and hair professionals.

Nutrafol doesn’t just rely on ingredients testing, but tests formulas to ensure efficacy. After randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, 72% of men saw improvements in scalp coverage in six months or less, whilst 84% of men experienced improved hair quality overall. For further proof, check out these personal testimonials, complete with before and after photos. To quote 38-year-old customer Jonathan: “It was an incredible realization to learn that a solution could work from the inside out. That was key for me. I definitely felt my hair get thicker and stronger overall and I am still seeing improvement every day.”

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From their very beginnings, Nutrafol pursued alternative hair growth solutions that wouldn’t hinder sexual performance. That led to key ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, which has been shown to bolster healthier libidos in men. With its high concentration of fatty acids, Saw Palmetto also reduces the conversion of testosterone to DHT (just a reminder: DHT hormone is widely considered a predominant factor in hair loss).

Most men who use Nutrafol Men’s Hair Growth Nutraceutical as directed can expect to see results starting in three to six months. Users are also encouraged to make small, incremental changes to their daily lifestyle habits so as to double down on tackling potential root causes such as diet or stress. Don’t compromise your overall health in the pursuit of thicker and fuller hair. Kick off a Nutrafol subscription instead and start tackling your hair issues the natural way. Here’s to a future of thicker and faster-growing hair!

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