OMIT Hair Care Gives You The Best Head

OMIT aims to bring about a new age in men’s hair care. The Australian brand’s hair and scalp products are chemical-free, all-natural and cruelty-free. They are expertly formulated to support the growth of healthy hair by re-balancing the scalp’s ecosystem, allowing it and your confidence to thrive in the modern world.

It’s a fact that nurturing your hair and scalp leads to great looking hair. For your hair to look its best, you need to scrap the harsh chemicals that kill off everything and are absorbed into your bloodstream. Instead, OMIT’s plant-based natural products do away with the bad and leave only the good.

omit headcare head scrub in box

OMIT’s products contain the highest quality natural essential oils and organic antioxidants, hand-selected for their ability to stimulate hair at the roots and gently cleanse and moisturise, decreasing excess oils and preventing dry, flaky scalps and dandruff. The range is even created by an award-winning hairstylist, naturopath, and doctor. It’s science at work.

OMIT’s range comprises Shampoo made with rosebay, black oats and saw palmetto and Conditioner with guar, avocado oil and horsetail. Both are formulated to support the growth of healthy hair. Omit Head spray is a pre-styling treatment with a natural finish. It contains saw palmetto and burdock root which assist with the growth of healthy hair, while natural hair thickeners make your hair look fuller and increase style manageability.

omit headcare products range

Head scrub contains Australian ivory clay, coconut, and rosebay. It’s a unique formula used to exfoliate the scalp removing dead skin cells and product build-up creating a pathway for new healthy hair. Head Scrub supports a clean, balanced, and healthy scalp.

Head Powder is made with bamboo, silica, and sandalwood. It’s a lightweight styling powder to keep your hair looking voluminous while adding lift and texture. Head Powder is formulated with natural active agents to add structure, lift, and reinforcement to every strand.

OMIT Headcare is perfect for the eco-conscious man, mindful of what he puts on his body and how it impacts the earth.

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omit headcare head spray and head powder

omit headcare head spray

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