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Man putting brush in Tooletries tile pocket

Tooletries is the Grooming Hack you Never Knew You Needed

Count us among the many who think—scratch that, insist—that a daily Harnessed by James Boag Could Be the Greatest Meal You Ever Experience ritual makes for a better quality of life. And yet it’s all too easy to create clutter in the bathroom, especially when you don’t possess the proper organization tools. That’s exactly where Tooletries comes in. Delivering a full range of sleek products and sets, the brand turns your bathroom into a veritable sanctuary, where you’ll never lose sight of your grooming essentials.

Born in Australia, but readily available both here and in the US, Tooletries elevates your grooming game with clean and streamlined precision. Speaking of streamlined, your regimen becomes all the more efficient when you take it into the shower. With hot water, exfoliating scrubs, and other bathing products already at your immediate disposal, the only things missing are the razor, mirror, and toothbrush. That is, of course, presuming you have the right organization tools.

Enter The Harvey & Oliver Set, which comes available in either charcoal or grey, and takes your grooming ritual into the shower. Designed to fit in your tile or glass shower, the set grips to any shiny surface and provides a smooth and organized hub for your toothbrush and razor. Features include a fog-resistant glass mirror, patent-pending silicone grip, and custom drainage holes. Removable and reusable, the set sticks to shiny surfaces without leaving messy adhesives or residue behind.

Meanwhile, The Harvey & Oliver Set is but one among a modest bevy of exceptional products from the Tooletries Bathroom Organizers range. Other best-sellers like The 4-in-1 Tile Silicone Series (pictured above), The Frank Shower Caddy, and The James Toiletry Organizer are no less impressive. Touting a minimalist aesthetic and sleek design, each product helps convert your bathroom into an oasis of optimisation and modernity alike. And remember: the brand’s products are readily available through many online and in-store locations in both Australia and the US.

Between the demands of a daily grooming ritual and the tendency to focus on other rooms or aspects of a modern home, it becomes all too easy for your bathroom to lapse into a state of disarray. As diligent groomers ourselves—who compile cleansers and lotions the way hoarders compile expired magazines—we know from experience that organization tools can go a long way.

Tooletries doesn’t just offer those tools, it does so with style. Plus, who can argue with products like The Harvey & Oliver Set, which brings your regimen into the shower and delivers a minimalist aesthetic in the process? Turn your bathroom into the sanctuary it should be by shopping with this brand today.

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