Warm Up Your Routine with the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs

The Heated Razor by GilletteLabs reproduces one of the most luxurious and sensual experiences life has to offer—a hot towel shave. GilletteLabs has created a razor that delivers what most guys are looking for each day. Options for a warm shave are limited—54 per cent of men run the blades under hot water, 37 per cent shave after showing, 25 per cent shave in the shower, and 15 per cent use a hot towel before shaving. Even with all that effort, only 28 per cent of guys report that their shave is enjoyable, even though 71 per cent feel that it should be.

GilletteLab’s heated razor heats up in seconds and then delivers that warmth in a consistent and equally distributed manner. The razor can be set to your preferred heat level, so you get the same feeling with every shave. The blades also conform to your face, matching your contours rather than forcing its own.

The razor is waterproof and comes with a magnetic charging station. This isn’t a cheap shave—you’ll have to pay USD$150 up front (replacement blades are much cheaper). But for something that you have to do every day and that should be a pleasure and not a chore, the price tag is worth it.

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