Why are Straight Men Embracing the Brazilian?

Yes, I was as surprised as you when I heard that straight men are increasingly booking themselves in for Brazilians. Truth be told, I was surprised to hear that gay men were booking themselves in for Brazilians. Aren’t Brazilians, like…a lady thing?

Oh. The “back, crack and sack”. OK. Yeah.

It’s a funny thing that as we strive for equality between the genders, and an end to the shameful imbalance that sees women forced to waste massive time and expense on complicated grooming rituals while men get off scot-free, we’ve done so not by reducing the burden on women, but by encouraging men to waste massive time and expense on complicated grooming rituals too. And hence, the rise of manscaping and the terrifying ordeal of male waxing.

John Gianno’s Men Zone in Sydney is one establishment that will cater to the needs of any man yearning for greater smoothness in his life. Gianno’s clients average a spend of more than AUD$1,000 a year on waxing alone, as the old stereotype that hairiness=manliness fades away.

Remember in Beauty and the Beast when Gaston boasts that “every last inch of me’s covered with hair”? Today he perhaps would boast “every last inch of me is smooth as a dolphin”, however difficult it might be to find a rhyme for it. For today, even as full beards infest every area of life, hair below the neck is being hunted from existence.

The courage of men who subject themselves to the agony of waxing for the sake of hairless, magazine-model beauty is beyond question. The wisdom is less indisputable, but who are we to deny the new generation their Brazilians?

Takes all sorts.