The Groom’s Guide Book by The Black Tux

This is one is for the men about to walk down the aisle. As much as it’s (probably) the happiest day of your life, it’s not without it’s moments of panic for most – especially when it comes to picking the perfect suit. Never fear, friend – the guys at The Black Tux have got you covered, insofar as they’ve put together the ultimate wedding planner guide for grooms. Whether you’re either experiencing it right now or have done so before, weddings can be a stressful foe.

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Full of useful tips, the guide offers helpful words like “Saying I don’t care won’t get you anywhere.” It states that you should have a general idea of what you do and don’t like, such as the food and location, then leave the rest up to the experts, that’s what wedding planners are for. They are numerous charts and visuals that are accurate and assistive and balance out the text. This is a good feature for the men who dislike reading long novels, or like slabs of text in general. We do live in a social media world these days, but another great and simple tip is, “The more selfies you’re taking, the less you’re enjoying your wedding.”

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The guide is perfectly written, where it integrates the traditional wedding expectations with contemporary elements for the modern man.

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