Head Support Wherever You Are With Ostrich Pillow Go

From the same creative geniuses who brought you the Ostrich Pillow, which (as many will fondly remember) was 2012’s must-have travel accessory and looked more like the Michelin man’s balaclava than it did a pillow, comes this: the Ostrich Pillow Go.

ostrich go travel pillow

While the original cocoon for your head promised a synthetic detachment from reality by muffling out the lights and sounds of one’s surroundings (a bit like a VR headset that simulates a vacuum, if you will), the Ostrich Pillow Go is a much more stylish neck pillow for the weary traveller who wants to grab a few minutes of shut-eye on the go without drawing too much attention to himself.

Its viscoelastic core is made out of high-sensitivity memory foam with a shape designed to fit any neck, and the pillow also features an adjustable magnetic fastener. In other words, assuming you’re not Anne Boleyn it’ll be a perfect fit no matter what your proportions. The whole unit is also super lightweight, ensuring it ticks all the boxes to join your entourage, and is currently going off on Kickstarter.

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ostrich go new travel pillow