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Here’s Why Everyone’s Hating Jeff Bezos’ Rumoured New $400 Million Mega Yacht

Life’s pretty sweet at the top. When your net worth is a cheeky USD$131 billion, there’s not a lot in the world you can’t really have or do. That’s certainly the case for Amazon’s big cheese, Jeff Bezos. Never afraid of splashing his cash, the the 55-year-old’s most recent indulgences include a $65 million jet, an an $80 million NYC penthouse and even the construction of a $42 million clock – yes, you read that right. But, his most recent ‘rumoured’ purchase may prove to be his most extravagant and most controversial.

Spotted bobbing along off the coast of Turkey, the first pictures of what could be the Amazon tycoon’s mega-yacht have surfaced. Named the ‘Flying Fox’, Bezos’ possible new boat is said to have cost over USD$400 million. Reportedly built by shipping company Lürssen earlier this year, the luxury boat comes with two helipads, a swimming pool, 11 cabins, a cinema and a two-deck spa that includes a gym, sauna, and massage area. So, pretty much just the essentials.

Whether you’re a boating fella or not, you’ve got to appreciate the immaculate construction that is the ‘Flying Fox’. But, some are beginning to question to the morality of Bezos’ spending habits. Many see this opulent indulgence as a symbol of the broken capitalist system that favors the rich. It’s a polarising topic in the US and as the richest person in the world, it’s no surprise that some question the means in which Bezos’ found his success.

As images of the ‘Flying Fox’ circulate twitter, many comment that Amazon and Bezos’ success comes off the back of exploited workers across the globe. Comments such as this are nothing new to Amazon who has been plagued with criticism of their factory working conditions on a number of occasions.

What do you think about the Bezos’ latest rumored indlugence? Let us know in the comments below.

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Correction: This article formerly stated that Jeff Bezos owned this yacht, however, an Amazon representative has reached out to inform us that this is not the case. 

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