Highland Park Viking Legend Series

Highland Park Distillery, located in the Orkney Islands, just released a line of single malt whiskeys called the Viking Legend Series. This series represents the island’s Viking Heritage.

The Viking Legend Series is a departure from the typical offerings from Highland Park. For one, the design is radically different. It was inspired by the period in which the Orkney Islands were ruled by Viking Kingdoms. Danish designer Jim Lyngvild helped with the rebranding, as his knowledge about the Viking way of life is very robust. Lymgvild’s design came from two Nordic sources—the Hammar Stone of Gotland and a Viking Pendant from 300-700 AD. The new packaging includes a wider bottle that features a metallic label design that complements the glass perfectly. These features help to give the label a more refined appeal.

highland park single malt scotch whisky

Highland Park will extend the new packaging to its entire line. It whiskies will feature updated branding consistent with the Viking Legend Series including renaming. The popular 12-year old expression will be known as Viking Honour while the brand’s 18-year-old version will be called Viking Pride.

The first of three in the Viking Legend Series, the Valkyrie was aged in a combination of sherry barrels made of American and European oak as well as American Bourbon barrels. This results in a peaty expression with smoky notes, which is a fuller, richer flavour profile than what is found in Highland Park’s core 12-year-old whisky. With names taken from Legendary Viking heroes, we would expect a bold flavour profile, and that is what the Valkyrie offers.

The other two whiskeys in the Viking Legend Series will be named the Valhalla and the Valknut. They are scheduled to be released in 2018 and 2019.

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