The Hive View Security Camera Has Your Back

The Hive View Security Camera brings plenty of options to the table, starting with a 130 degree wide angle lens. The view allows you to watch an entire room, and comes with a rolling 24-hour camera history (you can increase that history to 30 days by subscribing to a service for a low price of only $5.99). The camera responds to motion and sound, and records automatically. Pet owners need not worry about their pets setting off the camera as it can be programmed to ignore pets and only record people.

hive view security camera front view

The camera records up to 1080p HD video and houses a microphone and speaker as well. Darkness is no deterrent as the camera also has a 16 foot auto night vision feature. With Bluetooth capability, it can connect with your phone. An Internet connection is recommended, but not necessary (it depends on if you want to take advantage of the video storage feature. You can also set up privacy by selecting when the camera should record. Playback is as simple as getting online.

hive security camera front and side view

The camera’s stand comes in black and brushed copper or white and champagne gold. With a magnetic lock, the camera can be quickly repositioned. The built-in battery has a one-hour life, so you can set the camera up without the stand to monitor another room.

black stylish hive security camera

If you’re looking for a camera that provides security, but still looks stylish, the Hive View Security Camera is it.

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