Hodinkee Podcast is Watch Worthy

The Hodinkee Podcast may be billed as a podcast about watches, but it promises to be much more than that. Certainly they’ll explore watches—that’s the common thread between all the podcasts. But more than that, each episode will be about the people who are connected to those watches. Guests will include writers, actors, creative directors, musicians, watch dealers, entrepreneurs, chefs, designers, and more.

The podcast will be hosted by HODINKEE managing editor Stephen Pulvirent. Pulvirent will be joined by other editors from HODINKEE as well. Episodes of the podcast will be posted every Monday.

HODINKEE is an online magazine that has been publishing for seven years. Founded by Benjamin Clymer, the magazine is a study of time—horlogerie—and delves into the past, present, and even the future. As with the podcast, the magazine is primarily about high quality watches with in-depth reviews, critiques, and reports. But more than watches, it takes a creative approach to understanding their content, with skiing trips in the Alps, dives in the British Virgin Islands, and even crushing a watch with a $300,000 supercar.

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