This Honda Electric Café Racer Design Looks Like it Belongs in the Marvel Universe

The Model Electric Café Racer 1 is the response to a need. A need for protection, sleek design, and ultimate utility. Three things that Honda cycles typically encapsulate, but this time there’s a twist; make it electric. Without the exposed natural engine, you may fear the roadster would lose some of its classic charm… but worry no longer. Whatever the bike loses is nostalgia, it gains in cutting-edge form.

honda electric cafe racer motorcycle front

The alternative to an exposed engine block is a front grill protection with a modern air intake design. Switching from the traditional engine set, to a more new-age alternative, will allow for more functional operation and free space for a compact baggage compartment so you can keep all of your essential gear handy when needed. As is the case with a lot of new vehicles these days, the difference is in the details. A unique display, charting battery levels, voltage, and energy output. blends seamlessly into the design and looks like it belongs on the front of your phone or in the heads-up display of the Ironman suit.

honda electric cafe racer motorcycle side view

Bright colors contrasted with sharp design make this café racer stand out at first glance and the obvious attention to detail keep you looking. While only a prototype currently, designs like this are what get us excited about the future of electric racers. Head over to Behance to see this special machine for yourself.

Check it out

honda electric cafe racer motorcycle diesel tank

honda electric cafe racer motorcycle design

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