How Arnette Transitioned from Sunnies to Stylish Optical Frames

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More than an eyewear brand, California’s Arnette is a full-blown lifestyle statement. Since 1992, the company has combined quality, affordability, personality, versatility, and everyday functionality to truly inspired effect. It’s then no wonder that Arnette’s sunglasses have maintained a perennial presence at the forefront of youth counterculture. Bolstered by exceptional designs and irreverent names like Booger, Hondo, Crooked Grind, Petrolhead, and Woke, these shades are insatiably popular and forever young at heart. Additionally, they take on what might be called symbolic value, at once manifesting eternal youth, personal expression, and an active sense of community. Most recently, Arnette has taken that same tier of individuality and approachability to the optical frames arena. As one might expect, the results are nothing short of spectacular.

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Arnette has been owned by Italy’s Luxottica since 1999, but the California vibe persists. Vicariously, there’s some Aussie flavour lurking behind every pair of Arnette frames. That is to say, these are glasses that capture the permanent spirit of youth, something even our Aussie elders can relate to. That comes by way of catchy names, approachable price points, versatile designs, and resilient builds. And even as the brand continues to grow and evolve, it hasn’t forgotten where it came from.

Continuing to expand upon its roots as it becomes a major player on the world stage, Arnette strikes a particular chord among young creative types. Indeed, street stylists, surf dogs, tattoo artists, musicians, and skateboarders alike are huge supporters of this progressive brand. These are types who live for the moment and take a purposeful approach to style, looking for their products to follow suit. To accommodate the proactive nature of its customer base, Arnette established the Arnette Creative Exchange System (A.C.E.S.) collection. It consists of different sun frames with interchangeable arms, allowing for more customisation and outside-the-box thinking.

Just as the brand’s Sun Collection emanates with personalisation and perpetual youth, so too does the Optical Collection. Expect the same level of progressive design, quality, functionality, and affordability that Arnette has banked its reputation on thus far. That all comes joined by a bevy of iconoclastic names like Bookworm, Shove It, Noser Grind, and others. Put simply, if you’re looking for it, you’ll find it here.

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As uniformly awesome the Optical Collection might be, we have a few personal favourites. Among them is the Bottom Turn. Available in either matte black or matte Havana, these full rim injected prescription frames are medium in size and made of nylon and propionate. Rather than break outside the box, the glasses deliver straightforward style, which is exactly what we love about them. Between the two colours, we prefer the matte Havana–it just offers a little more personality.

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Another favourite is the AN6113 (okay, so not every single product name is bursting with personality). Putting a top of either black or brown on grey rubber, the unisex glasses host full rim metal frames and a sophisticated aesthetic. These babies are selling fast so get a pair before they’re gone.

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Next up is the Dialed. These medium-sized men’s frames come in matte Havana, an exquisite colourway blending elegant tan with blasts of muted gold. Full rim injected, durable, and beautifully affordable, the frames exude pure form and functionality.

arnette optical frame black

Last on our list of personal favourites is the AN7131. These unisex frames are medium in size and available in three different colourways: matte black matte gunmetal, matte Havana matte gunmetal, and matte grey pastel blue. Expanding upon that play in contrasts, the full rim injected frames are somewhat thick on top and thin on the bottom. Consequently, they tout a resoundingly distinguished appearance.

There’s more to personal expression than mere individuality, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the respective (and often overlapping) arenas of street style and sport. What we mean is that the best fashion statements are the ones emanating with distinction and familiarity in equal measure. You don’t want to wear outfits so loud that they make you look like you just graduated from clown college. You want to wear trendy outfits that say you have a personal sense of style, but also belong to a broader community.

Arnette operates according to the very same principles. Specifically, they craft frames that ooze with personality, but don’t step so far outside the box as to make you look foolish. Being forever young means striking a deft balance between the personal and the universal in all possible regards. Arnette duly abides, no matter how old it gets.

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