How to Email Like A Gentleman

Here in the modern age, we men have forgotten the meaning of two simple words: grammar and punctuation. It seems that in the midst of being so time poor we’ve definitely let our formality slide, particularly when we’re dealing with friends and family via email. But when duty (i.e. business) calls it’s important to flip the switch and know how to write with proper email etiquette. Aaron Marino of alpha m. takes us through some tips that are critical to success. After all, the only thing that often separates us from the competition is a simple email.

For those who don’t feel like watching the video, allow us to toss you a few personal pointers. First and foremost, we’ll say it again: grammar counts. Forget the potential clients or customers you might be dealing with on the job, you should be treating most emails as something others will potentially judge you by. That means forming proper sentences that begin with a capital letter and end with a period. It means treating an email like a proper email and not like a text you just threw out. Naturally, there are exceptions like close friends with whom you share a very laid back, care-free rapport. But everyone else should be treated like someone who will think less of you if your email reads like something you wrote in your sleep or in the midst of a drinking binge.

Secondly, separate your business email and personal email. As a business pro you should already be aware of the many benefits of compartmentalisation and email is no exception to the rule. If only for mental purposes, separating your work and personal life is elemental and as applicable in the tech world as it is in the real world. On a similar note, even if you’re tight with everyone in the office, keep it professional when emailing them because you simply never know what could come back to haunt you. And we’re not just talking about some manager or boss who might be reading your work emails when you’re not paying attention, we’re talking about legions of people who could read them when your company gets hacked by North Korea.

Lastly, write your business emails to potential clients in the same general tradition of old physical business letters. That means properly addressing the recipient with a greeting like “Hi” or “Dear”, writing well executed sentences and breaking the body down into paragraphs. It also means creating a signature that includes contact information and job title that will automatically go at the end of every email. Things like these might come off as minor details but in the professional world, minor details count majorly. Of course these are just a few pointers and if you want the full breakdown then watch the video above. With Aaron’s help, you’ll be emailing like a gentleman in no time!

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