How to Improve Your Personality

Personalities are difficult to change, especially your own. To be clear, we’re not saying anything is wrong with the one you have, but there’s no reason you can’t improve your personality. Aaron Marino of alpha m. goes over what he believes is a good approach on how to improve your personality, aka your typically pattern of thinking, feeling, acting, and communicating.  If you want to be thought of someone who is magnetic, watch the video above for his advice.

If you have no patience for videos and prefer the written word, allow us to provide a quick breakdown on how to improve your personality. Marino opens by asking that you think of someone you know whom everyone agrees has an exceptional personality. Instead of just thinking of that person as an individual, assess them on a trait by trait basis. In other words, what are some specific tenants of their personality and ask yourself if you exhibit those same tenants or can those things be improved. Continuing along these lines, work to improve your personality by taking this 9 steps:

  1. Become a better listener, meaning you should be using your whole body to listen. Engage. Nod. And for crying out loud, put away your phone.
  2. Become more interesting. Seek out information and try new things. The more you know, the more interesting you will be.
  3. Practice and adopt a more optimistic outlook on life. No one likes a cynic. That glass is half full, damn it!
  4. Be supportive, and raise up your friends through encouragement and positive energy and they will like being around you.
  5. Have integrity and treat people with respect.
  6. Don’t talk negatively about other people.
  7. Stay true to yourself. Don’t forget who you are even as you improve your personality and adopt a relatively new identity.
  8. Don’t forget to laugh at yourself. Being confident comes first, but once you’re secure with who you are a little self-deprecation can go a long way.
  9. Facilitate your confidence each and every day. Like muscle tone, personality is something you have to consistently work on daily. The more you do, the more it becomes part of who you are.
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