How to Unlock Your Confidence

Learning how to build confidence is possibly the single most important factor toward you living a happy and fulfilled life. Lifestyle guru Aaron Marino discovered as much shortly after starting his vlog alpha m. At first the vlog was dedicated to style pointers like grooming or how to tweeze your eyebrows, but he soon realised that tools like how to build confidence or engage through eye contact are far more indispensable. That’s not to say that he did away with the manscaping pointers, rather that he integrated some higher wisdom into his portfolio, and began helping men feel better about themselves.

Aaron has a genuine passion for teaching guys how to build confidence, so much so that he spent two years learning how to do it. And if you think learning how to build confidence is something that can’t be taught or that confidence is something you’re born with, you’d be wrong. With a little patience and practice there’s no reason you can’t burst onto the scene beaming full of inner confidence (not cockiness fellas).

Don’t be fooled by the four minute runtime in the above video–it’s merely a promotion for a much more intensive course on how to build confidence. In the course you will undergo Aaron’s five step process, one that’s two years in the making. The breakdown of the process is as follows:

1) Exploration of self: discovering who you are and why.

2) Developing external confidence: changing habits like diet and grooming and building an external routine that will in turn develop your internal confidence.

3) Acting and communicating: learning how to engage confidently with the world around you from a behaviour perspective.

4) Living confidently: further implementing behaviour changes into your daily life.

5) Adoption: becoming a confident individual all day, every day.

As Aaron mentions, once you’ve learned how to build confidence, you will be responsible for sustaining it. That means nurturing your confidence every day and upholding a regiment. Yes, building confidence is kind of like building muscle at the gym–if you start slacking it will definitely begin to show. But if you stick to the routine you’ll be beaming with confidence everywhere you go, inspiring yourself and the others around you.

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