Heston’s Hub Grill Takes BBQ to the Next Level

Shriro, makers of the Everdure line of products just came out with a grill that is sure to elevate your barbecue game. There is something undeniably manly about grilling meat. It is wired into our DNA. But, to grill like a pro, you need solid equipment. Designed in collaboration with British celebrity Master Chef Heston Blumenthal, the Hub Grill provides a professional grilling experience.

everdure by heston blumenthal

The Michelin chef designed the Everdure Hub Grill to be the perfect balance of function and form. It was inspired by minimalist Danish design. This sophisticated grill uses a hybrid charcoal-electric ignition system called Fast Flame. This delivers the ideal temperature in less than 10 minutes. The Hub Grill features chrome grills, a porcelain enamel firebox and a retractable power cord. The grill also has a gigantic storage area located right behind the double-lined doors. It also features cool-to-the-touch handles and a built-in rotating spit.

heston blumenthal hub electric ignition charcoal bbq

One of the best things about this grill is the professional chef quality rotisserie. This can be quickly mounted on top for authentic rotisserie anytime. It is capable of holding up to 40 kg, which means that you can throw a sucking pig or whole chicken on with no problem. The proprietary Rotoscope Technology ensures that the rotisserie turns smoothly for exceptional even cooking.

everdure by heston hub review

It is easy to take care of this grill and keep it in top condition. Both the charcoal tray and enamel firebox are removable making it convenient to clean. Completely set up, the grill is 48-inches tall. The rotisserie measures 54-inches wide and 19-inches deep.

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everdure by heston blumenthal cube

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