Hungry? Today is National Burger Day

Yes, National Burger is upon us once again. The made-up holiday has no real discernible inaugural date and seems to be an internationally advertised excuse to eat guilt-free burgers for a whole day. Here at Man of Many, we believe in man’s (and woman’s) right to eat as many burgers as they like, whenever the hell they like, so a special day with a named doesn’t bear too much significance to us but hey, if the shoes fits, wear it to the nearest burger store and tuck in.

Sydney local Kieran Warwick is one such burger fan, who turned his back on a career as a professional tennis player to pursue his dream of connecting people the world over through the power of burgers. His app, The Burger Collective, connects burger outlets to loyal patrons, offering deals, discounts and rewards, as well as giving the opportunity for burger fans to share their stories and experiences with their favourite culinary pastime.

national burger day bandwagon offering special burgers

Deliveroo, whose burger sales have increased by a whopper-ing (sorry) 500% in the last year alone, have also jumped on the National Burger Day bandwagon, offering special ‘burgers’ from some of their most popular restaurants including a cheeseburger spring roll from China Diner, a beef vindaloo burger from Brooklyn Depot and a popcorn chicken burger with a sushi rice bun from Zushi, among many others.

Whatever your preferred brand of special sauce, it’s as good an excuse as any to get some meat in your buns and order big today.

(Tip: use the code eats-67hbk and get $10 off your first order.)

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special burger put in table

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