Ice Rovers Car Rental Takes You Down the Road Less Traveled

Ice Rovers Car Rental takes you off the highways of Iceland and to the country’s hidden treasures. You can see a lot from the main roads anywhere you go, but if you want to see the most spectacular sights—the sights that few if any ever get to see—then you need to get off the heavily traveled thoroughfares and explore away from where everyone goes. That’s the idea behind the Ice Rovers Car Rental. This small company located in Reykjavik has a fleet of Land Rover Defenders that they offer for rental to visitors. This isn’t a recent company either. They’ve been around for over 20 years. They’re also members of the Iceland-Rover club, a club of Land Rover owners that share information and provide tours of Iceland. With their help, your trip to Iceland can follow a different path—a road less traveled that will take you to places where special and unique memories can be forged.

ice rovers car front side

The Land Rover is an iconic vehicle in Iceland, and for good reason. Farmers have used the rugged vehicle for moving herds of sheep and heavy equipment. The Land Rover is the perfect vehicle to take you down the back roads and tracks of nature. Ice Rovers offers great pricing and will drop off the Land Rover at your hotel or airport free of charge. They also provide maps and you can even get a defender with a top rack tent for your adventure.

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ice rovers car back side

ice rovers car white side view

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