Raise Your Glass, Today is International Beer Day

International Beer Day may not be the most well recognised holiday, but goddammit it is a good one. Not that you should ever need an excuse for a schooey, we found one for you anyway. Whereas you might usually find yourself riddled with guilt for giving into those post-work drinks at the pub, Friday the 3rd of August is the tenth inaugural International Beer Day. The concept is a pretty simple one, beer lovers everywhere get together to celebrate all things … well, beer.

With beer older than most modern religions, it seems appropriate that it gets its own holiday. In celebration, the IBD doesn’t ask for much. Spread the word amongst your nearest and dearest, get together and give the gift of beer. Whether it’s in a backyard, brewery, bathtub or bar, just sit back, relax and quench your hard-earned thirst.

hawkes lager stone wood

Given that drinking in Australia often feels like a national sport, it’d be plain rude to not do our part and join in the celebrations. Globally, Australia comes in at a dismal 19th for beer consumption per capita. David Boon would be ashamed. There’ll never be a better time to put a shift in than International Beer Day.

For Sydney locals who want to do that little bit extra in paying homage to the holy nectar, a handful of venues across the city will be hosting festivities in the name of beer. For those looking for the complete authentic experience, make sure you head down to The Munich Brauhaus in The Rocks. There you’ll find a range of imported German biers all available in the infamous 1L ‘Das Boot’. If you’re feeling a tad peckish get the gang together for the sausage platter and wash it all down with the 2L Beer Tube.

watson bay boutique hotel

With the weather picking up, no one could blame you for kicking the weekend off early and heading down to the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel for a beer in the garden. But for those stuck in the city, The Local Taphouse or Bitter Phew, both in Darlinghiurst, are our picks for knock off drinks and a bite to eat.

International Beer Day might not sound too different to your regular Friday evening but just remember what it’s all about. Keep the red in the cellar, crack open a cheeky pale ale and raise your glass to the brewers and bartenders who dedicate their lives to giving us that ‘ahhh’ moment.

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