INTERVIEW: Mark Tucker former CEO of L’Oreal Australia launches Handsome

Man of Many was lucky enough to sit down with Mark Tucker, former CEO and Managing Director of L’Oreal Australia for fifteen years,  who is now after a five year break back in the beauty game with the launch of his own brand – Handsome. Mark’s marketing achievements have brought him wide recognition being actively involved in Boards including The Melbourne Fashion Festival, Monash Department of Marketing Advisory Board and Hawthorn FC, so we were excited to hear how he plans to help men take better care of themselves and make the world a little more ‘handsome’.

How did you first get involved in skincare, especially men’s skincare?

I have been involved with skincare since I began working in marketing for L’Oreal in the 90’s. When I started working in skincare there was nothing specifically available for men. For the few men who wanted to look after their skin they had to use products made for the female market. Products made for men began to emerge in the early 2000’s but there weren’t many and they were not well positioned to appeal to men. So the men’s market was very small and has grown slowly up until the last few years. Fortunately men are now beginning to realise that personal grooming should include the use of skincare and there are many benefits from using skincare regularly.

handsome mark tucker sitting

What inspired the name and the brand ‘Handsome’?

The beauty business and skincare in particular are branded businesses, where the brand name becomes an important part of consumer consideration and engagement. So the choice of brand name is extremely important. We were looking for a name that was memorable and made people smile. We did’t want a scientific or natural name as there are already so many and in general they are not very distinctive. I was aware of a funny clip on YouTube called the ‘Handsome Men’s Club’ and the idea for handsome came from there. I guess you’d call it an inspired creative process!

In 3 Words, how would you describe the ideal “Handsome Man”? What does making the world more handsome mean to your bran7d?

Our handsome man is inspiring, genuine and caring. Helping make the world more handsome is a tongue in cheek outlook on helping men make the world a better place by caring for themselves and others around them.

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What did you learn from being the Managing Director for L’oreal Australia that you were able to use for ‘Handsome’?

My experience as MD of L’Oreal gave me many insights into what consumers want from their beauty products and how to create products that appeal them. In the case of Handsome I know that the products must be enjoyable to use and deliver effective results on the skin of the men that use them. They also need to look stylish so men feel comfortable being seen with them (at the gym or with friends at home). We have had a great response from people using the products on these elements and especially on how much they are enjoying using the products, which is good sign for building loyal customers.

What makes ‘Handsome’ different to other skincare products?

Handsome stands out from the crowded marketplace because of its branding and stylish presentation. We also use natural and organic ingredients with carefully developed scents natural essential oils which give the products very desirable fragrances that complement each other. We also have a unique URL which is . Thats all you have to type in which is pretty cool.

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I confess, skincare isn’t really my priority as guy, do you find that Australian Gentleman feel strange about having a personal skincare routine?

Australian men are increasingly adopting a routine of using skincare to protect and nurture their skin. They are beginning to understand that looking after their skin makes them feel good and that it doesn’t make them any less masculine, in fact to the contrary! Many men begin by using their partners products at home and with the availability of a brand like Handsome are now moving into having their own products. The final step in the men’s skincare market is to get them to purchase their own products, because many times it is still their partner who makes the purchase for them. So we are also targeting women in our marketing campaign!

What part of your personal care routine do your or most Australian men often neglect?

Having worked in the beauty industry for so long I have personally tried thousands of products in many categories. Because of this I switched what I was using all the time so I could try new products. Now I have Handsome my bathroom is cleared of all the trial products and I just have Handsome products. Except for trying competitors products from time to time. I cleanse and moisturises my face usually twice a day, morning and night and its so easy and quick to do when you’re in a routine. When I was younger cleansing was probably the step that often missed out and I think that is still a challenge for many men. But if men use our Shave Gel it will leave them with a feeling of cleansing and hydration because of its beautiful ingredients which is some kind of compensation if they forget to cleanse or moisturise.

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And finally what tips can you give us guys of Australia to look more ‘Handsome’?

We hope our handsome men will be true to themselves, treat others as they would like to be treated and take care in everything they do in their daily lives. We believe that these are values that will help to ensure a happy life. Handsome really comes from the inside and not from physical attributes.

Whats next for ‘Handsome’?

Handsome will develop some additional products to ensure men can access everything they need to look after themselves. And after launching and establishing the brand in Australia we want to take Handsome to the world. Australian brands with natural and organic ingredients are increasingly in demand internationally and with some additional products developed for other markets the Handsome range will start to emerge on the international stage.

Handsome Men’s Skincare