Introducing Halo Sport: The Headphones Designed To Stimulate Your Athletic Performance

When we think about improving our physical performance, we tend to think about training harder and eating better, but we often don’t think about training our brain. This is where performance headphones Halo Sport come in.


Now we all know that listening to music while you train can help boost your performance, but these headphones are taking performance enhancement technology to the next level. How exactly? The Halo Sport headphones use in-built padding to send electrical pulses to your head to stimulate the brain. The process is called neuropriming, which helps unlock the the brain’s full potential by increasing the excitability of motor neurons during athletic training to improve strength, skill, explosiveness, and endurance.

halo sport headphone enhancement technology

Halo Neuropriming technology puts the brain’s motor cortex in a temporary state of hyper-learning that lasts for around an hour. During this time, feeding your brain quality athletic training repetitions results in this information being more fully incorporated into your brain. Essentially, Halo makes practice more productive for the brain. We get that using neurological enhancements might raise some questions, however the team at Halo Sport have used over 10 years of research, 60,000 sessions and thousands of in-house studies to build Halo Sport with medical-grade engineering to make sure it is 100% safe for users. We’ve even seen it being used by current NFL stars and recent Olympians.

The Halo Sport isn’t your average headphone.

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