Is the Small Beer Lager the Perfect Midweek Lunchtime Drink?

Do you ever hold back on drinking at a work event or around certain friends because you need to stay reserved or buttoned up? If so, Small Beer Lager may just be the solution for you. The light and refreshing beer has a limited alcohol content, that’s perfect to be enjoyed at social gatherings where it is unaccepted to don a lampshade on your head and claim that you are the Beer King, lord of a all beers.

dark small beer lager

The Small Beer Lager knows exactly what it is; a harmonious balance between hops, barley, and mouthfeel that is meant to be enjoyed with friends in a professional or reserved environment, offering more than enough kick to be enjoyed, but not enough to take you over the edge.

With only 2.1% ABV, the Small Beer Lager allows for stunning refreshment, and is as pure as you can make a beer with its only ingredients being water, malted barley, oats, hops, and yeast.

small beer

The light taste and refreshing nature of the Small Beer Lager makes it excellent to pair with spicy cuisine, such as Thai, Indian, or Mexican, but don’t forget to pull it out to whet your appetite when sample tapas of any kind.

So whether you’re having lunch with coworkers, spending a day at the park with your family, taking in a match with the boys, or just kicking back and working on personal projects, this cleansing lager can be a thirst quencher, silent reprieve, and a “tomorrow-saver.”

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