Is This the Perfect Warehouse?

What makes the perfect warehouse apartment? Is it a balance of industrial aesthetics and modern home décor or is it large open plan living? From the images of this family apartment, I’d be willing to bet it’s a combination of all of the above.

Melbourne-based design firm We are Huntly’s reworking of this 80s style warehouse breathes new life into the worn space with oversized furniture, custom joinery and standout art. The original brickwork remains when appropriate, and the basketball collection would create the impression of one suave bachelor pad if it weren’t for the room with bunkbeds. It’s always possible that room is reserved for drunken friends in need of a place to crash. We are Huntly are bridging the gap between architecture and visual arts and this warehouse provides the perfect example.

Publication: Desire to Inspire
Design: We are Huntly
Photography:  Brooke Holm
Creative Direction:  Marsha Golemac

Check it out

industrial creative warehouse studio architecture

creative warehouse decoration

ant tile zebra pattern wall decor with painting

warehouse apartment interior design

warehouse apartment interior design with materials rack

warehouse apartment bedroom interior design

warehouse apartment drawing room with stair interior design

warehouse apartment stair interior design

warehouse apartment living room interior design

warehouse living room interior design

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