Jacobs Creek Double Barrel Chardonnay a World-First “Winter White”

Just in time for the icy winter weather that has suddenly befallen the east coast, Barossa Valley vintner (and pioneering winemaker) Jacob’s Creek has announced a world first: a Chardonnay that’s been finished in ex Scotch whisky barrels. Touted as the perfect “winter white”, this is the fourth addition to the already-loved Double Barrel range of wine, and the first white to be released under this label.

Chardonnay is already well suited to drinking in cooler weather; a perfect food wine, it can be enjoyed at room temperature or only very slightly chilled (in fact, most sommeliers would recommend it not overly chilled, as it tightens the palate and makes it harder to appreciate its softer, buttery notes). You might be inclined to stick your Riesling or Pinot Grigio in the freezer for ten minutes before serving in the middle of summer; this wine doesn’t need it, and will show its best traits if it’s not served cold. Tasty as a tipple on its own, it’s also great when paired with big, hearty, wintry food (think fatty, roasted meats and starchy vegetables–perfect cold climate fodder).

The extra maturation in the ex-whisky barrels gives Jacob’s Creek’s distinctive chardonnay a firm structure and creamy texture, whilst retaining the freshness of the vibrant palate for which it is already known.

Jacobs Creek Double Barrel is available through their website, or at good bottle stores throughout the country (and beyond), with a RRP of AU$24.95. 

Jacob’s Creek

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