Jacob’s Creek Teams Up with Novak Djokovic to Ask ‘Who Makes You’?

There’s a mutual respect between brands and athletes that goes far beyond using name recognition in order to sell a product. That’s because ultimately a success story–no matter what the industry–requires a winning combination of talent, hard work and vision. It’s therefore no surprise that renowned winemaker Jacob’s Creek has teamed up with tennis superstar Novak Djokovic for a series of videos that honour the various components behind the athlete’s legacy. The collaboration is part of the ‘Made By’ campaign from Jacob’s Creek, a series of videos celebrating the essential ingredients behind modern day champions.

novak djokovic practice

The newest videos in the series are called ‘Who Makes You’ and they pay tribute to a tenant of success that’s no less essential than things like training or innate talent: support from loved ones and the presence of others. The videos posit the notion that it’s not the “what”, but the “who” that makes someone like Djokovic a true contender at the upcoming Australian Open. Accordingly, each video allows viewers a rare peek behind the scenes to hear Novak talk openly about the people and entities that have most significantly shaped his success.

Featured in the series is Djokovic’s wife Jelena, who enables his drive through the sheer power of requited love. Also included is Novak’s brother and number one fan Marko–the brothers share a close bond that consistently provides Novak with inner strength. The last entry focuses on the competition. Djokovic name drops pros like Federer and Murray and mentions how they push him to exceed his own limits in order to grow.

novak djokovic handshake

Novak says of the films, “We all have people in our lives who make us who we are today. Strength, both physical and mental and the perseverance needed to push on when others give up, comes from the people, places and passions that we come across on our journeys. Working with Jacob’s Creek on these films gives me the chance to highlight the special people in my life and how they’ve shaped and guided my story.”

Of course Novak makes up only part of the collaboration. Like a seminal athlete Jacob’s Creek has found success as a result of skill, tenacity, vision, competition and the ongoing support of loved ones. As the saying goes, “It takes one to know one”, which is why Jacob’s Creek seeks out stories of inspiration and looks behind the curtain to show who and what goes into every triumph. By showing how the people behind every champion are equally as important as that champion’s accomplishments, Jacob’s Creek enables a broader appreciation in our own lives toward those who make us who we are.

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In the words of Derek Oliver, Global Marketing Director at Jacob’s Creek, “Jacob’s Creek celebrates authenticity, a quality that Novak embodies completely. The new films have allowed us to capture some extraordinary, honest moments between Novak and the people who have influenced him, giving us an insight into what makes Novak who he is. We hope that this campaign inspires people to consider the significance of family, friends and encourages them to come together with the people that are most important to them.”

jacob creek dinner

Man of Many was lucky enough to attend the launch of the campaign and be the first in the world to view the videos. Jacob’s Creek was kind enough to host us at Glasshause Restaurant in Melbourne, the home of the upcoming Australian Open. In the lead up they asked each of us attending “Who Made Us?” and to nominate someone special in our lives to receive a Christmas present and some wine…or so we thought! Obviously I chose my mum and they went above and beyond to fly her out to the event as a special surprise!

jacob creek wine in the hand

At the event we tasted an assortment of Jacob’s Creek wines. Among those we tried, our favourites by far were the Double Barrel Shiraz and Double Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon. These wines were quite unlike anything we’ve ever tasted and that was largely due to the fact that both were aged twice, first in traditional wine barrels and then in Scottish and Irish whisky barrels respectively. On the Shiraz that amounted to a profile of red fruit and chocolate, with that extra maturation providing exceptional balance to the tannins as well as smooth, nutty flavours. The Cabernet boasted savoury notes of olive that played with a smooth taste of custard while the aging in Irish whisky barrels gave the wine an exceptional level of rich texture and layered complexity.

novak djokovic in tv screen

Most of us buy products or watch sports and barely think beyond what’s directly in front of our faces. But thanks to campaigns like ‘Who Makes You’ we’re compelled to pause and not only consider the perennial factors behind every success story, but to furthermore appreciate those factors in our very own lives.

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